GEO RF Modules

Modules That Exceed Expectations! GEO RF Modules provides powerful, highly flexible, cost effective RF Modules for a wide variety of wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) applications. New extended range products and small footprints combined with network firmware flexibility make GEO an industry leader in the development of cutting edge RF Module technology.

Bluetooth RF Modules. Bluetooth, which is based on IEEE 802.15.1, was developed for the purpose of sending larger amounts of data quickly from computers to PDAs to cell phones or other portable handheld devices. Key features include high data rate, frequency hopping, very small form factor and modest power consumption.

RF module product line that makes connectivity between mobile devices such as cellular phones and small button cell battery powered devices like fitness sensors, watches, healthcare, entertainment and mobile accessories easily implemented, creating a seamless data chain from sensors to the Web.

Reduced Design Cycle. Get your wireless products to market faster by greatly reducing the design-to-production path. RF hardware design, development, debugging and test, board layout, quality testing and certifications are all removed by choosing a GEO RF module.

Extended Product Life Cycle. RF modules provide a constant footprint and pin out over several generations of integrated circuits to guard against the need to re-spin or redesign a wireless product to accommodate an IC that is no longer available. RF modules extend the product life cycle of any wireless product .

Wireless Solutions For Less. RF modules can reduce the total cost of ownership for product development projects up to 50,000 units per year. Designing in an RF module rather than a discrete wireless solution can reduce expensive development, test, certification and production resource requirements.