FAQ GEO Einstein

What savings can be achieved?

Before we explain how and why we can reduce your energy cost what energy saving can be achieved with the GEO Einstein. The DOE states that “lowering the aquastat temperatures can achieve a 10% reduction in fuel usage ”. The DOE also states that “lowering the thermostat temperature by 10-15F degrees can achieve a 5-15% reduction in energy cost” . That is a savings of 15-25% achievable. What the DOE does not take into account is the diligence required by the home owner to manage these settings or the discomfort that such a large reduction would cause. The savings any individual will achieve are dependent on numerous factors. With the GEO Einstein product the homeowner will be able to achieve a 10% - 25% reduction in their heating costs. Unlike constant thermostat changes or manually changing boiler settings GEO is automatic, once installed it continuously monitors the home heating dynamics adjusting for maximum comfort with minimal expense.

How does Fuel Saver lower my heating costs?

Fuel saver suppresses the ignition of the boiler whenever it finds that there is sufficient heat in the system to satisfy the house demand. When Fuel Saver enters.

GEO Einstein saves fuel by holding off the burning of fuel when it is not needed.

When is the burning of fuel not needed?

  • When the home is unoccupied less fuel can be consumed by allowing the home temperature to vary in larger amounts than the thermostat will allow.
  • When the home is drawing small amounts of energy from the heating system. When the draw of the home is small because the heating system can maintain the desired heat level with a lower aquastat temperature.

I have a single boiler for both heating and domestic hot water is that a problem?

The Fuel saver controller monitors the domestic hot water system. When it detects that the boiler is called for domestic hot water it bypasses the ignition suppression and allows the boiler to heat normally. When the system is installed it is easily configured to support single boiler or an independent hot water heater configuration.

Hot Water draw

GEO Einstein can determine that domestic hot water is used within the home. Hot water is used throughout the day when a home is occupied. Hot water is consumed when the home occupants wash their hands, shower, wash clothes, wash dishes etc. If no hot water is drawn within the home for a programmable period of time (1- 36 hours) then GEO Fuel Saver declares the home unoccupied and initiates its energy saving mode of operation. The hot water draw method of presence detects long period of inactivity. That is the home may be unoccupied for quite a while before the energy savings mode is initiated. This mode of operation is perfect for long weekends.

Wireless presence sensor

GEO Einstein provides an optional key bunch dongles. The dongle looks much like an automobile wireless key entry. The dongles connect to the GEO Einstein controller via a Wireless link. When all the dongles are no longer in wireless range of the Einstein controller 100 ft the Einstein system initiates its energy savings mode. This allows the GEO Einstein to react quickly to the home occupants coming and going. The system supports multiple dongles. Only when all dongles are not visible does the system declare the home unoccupied. The quick reaction of the system and the automatic entry and exit of energy saving mode will reduce energy consumption.

I have a smart thermostat can Fuel Saver still lower my fuel costs?

Yes, programmable thermostats are a great way to control the heat in your home. Our modern life though is hectic and doesn’t always fit into the programming schedule that the thermostats offer. We have all experienced going away for a weekend and forgetting to press ‘hold’. Smart saver enhances the smart thermostat allowing the house temperature to fluctuate beyond the ‘hold’ temperature to achieve even greater savings.