Geo Einstein Product Line

Einstein (FA) Fuel Saver controller Forced Air Model

  • Einstein (FA) Fuel Saver controller Forced Air Model
  • Fuel type independent
  • Automatically adjusts to multiple zone heating systems
  • Works with one or two stage burners.
  • Patent Pending predictive algorithms
  • Reduces fuel burning when home is empty.
  • Dynamic home heat load computation reduces fuel burning when load changes.
  • End customer adjustable settings using LCD with touch panel.
  • Enhances the operation of existing smart thermostats, works in concert with the thermostat achieve even greater savings.
  • Modular system base “plug and play” connection to other Einstein components.
  • 24V/110V/220V power source.
  • Can control 24V/110V/220V boilers.
  • Uses very little electricity less than 2 Watts.

Einstein (T) – Temperature sensor

  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Dual redundant design for high reliability.
  • Extended temperature range for long life

Einstein (CM) – Carbon Monoxide sensor Interface

  • Connects CO sensors to the FS for ‘emergency’ shutdown
  • 1 wire “Plug and Play” connections supplies power to the CO sensor.
  • Compatible with top sensor vendors such as GE, 3M, Kidde

Einstein (PR) - Wireless presence receiver module

  • Receives the signal from the Key chain dongles.
  • System supports multiple of them in the network.
  • 1 wire “plug and play” connection provides power and communication.

Einstein (PD) – Wireless presence transmitter (Dongle)

  • Periodically sends a beacon to the Einstein-PR
  • Key chain dongle for each member of the household.

Einstein (RM) - Circulation pump prioritization.

  • For households that supply domestic hot water through the same furnace providing heat
  • Prevents undesirable cool down of domestic hot water upon boiler startup.
  • Prioritizes and time delays the start of circulators in a multi-zone home. Holds off low priority
  • circulators to allow high priority zones to heat up first heats up the important zones sooner.