GEO Einstein

Green Energy Optimizers LLC is a technology company specializing in intelligent controls that optimize the use of energy. Our focus is on real solutions that enable a reduction in energy consumption that never compromise on comfort and produce tangible savings for our customers. We are at heart a technology company founded by seasoned engineers with vast experience in designing and manufacturing intelligent control solutions. Our first foray into the energy savings market is out Einstein product line that targets smart heating solutions. That though is just the beginning we believe that it is time for all of us to use our earth’s resources wisely. We live in a time when all of our unnecessary energy consumption has ramifications not only on our household budgets but on our nation and the world as a whole. We at GEO are doing our part to reign in the excesses of the past with the smart solutions for today.

Our research department is actively pursuing exciting developments in solar energy, thermal recovery and next generation air conditioning and refrigeration. Any product we bring to market must pass the return on investment criteria. That is the product must provide a real savings that is measurable in the dollars and cents of our customers.