The GEO Product Lines

GEO Calibration

  • Humidity & Temperature Controlled Chamber
  • Generates conditions within the range of 5 to 55° C and 7 to 95% RH
  • Rapid equilibrium: typically less than 3 min. from one condition to another*

GEO Einstein

  • 10% - 25% heating cost reduction.
  • Works with oil or gas fired heating systems.
  • Works with forced air or hydronic systems.

GEO RF Modules

  • Reduced Design Cycle
  • Cost Effective Wireless Solutions
  • Custom Solutions
  • Exceptional Design In Support


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About us

GEO LLC, has leveraged more than 20 years of manufacturing, design and engineering in special purpose controllers, hardware and software design and complete turn key manufacturing and system design.

Our OEM products focus on efficiencies in Production Environments, Cost Saving Residential Energy Solutions and Wireless Technologies. Contact us Today for a more thorough review of services, support and products.