FAQ GEO Calibration

What is the GEO Temperature Calibrator?

The GEO is a bench-top, fully self-contained humidity/ temperature calibrator. The system comprises humidity and temperature controlled chamber that can house up to five or more humidity sensors, depending on their physical dimensions.

How Does it Work?

The humidity and temperature within the chamber are closed-loop controlled and continuously monitored by a precision chilled mirror reference hygrometer. The GEO works by time proportioning the flows of dry and saturated air according to the pre-selected relative humidity value. The chamber temperature is controlled by a four-zone Peltier heat pump arrangement for maximum stability and minimum temperature gradient.


The saturator assembly can be filled easily with distilled water reservoir at the front of the unit and the easily accessible desiccators can be re-charged by heating when required. No other maintenance is necessary. The only external service required is a single phase power supply, which is provided.